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The Future of Consumer Robotics – Now

The Future of Consumer Robotics – Now

Designing a successful robotics platform takes careful consideration of a multitude of factors. These include not only the hardware and software features, but also the way in which users will interact and utilize the platform.

We’ve crafted the Cozmo SDK to give users like you unprecedented access to robotics in a highly versatile package. It’s powerful but easy to use, complex but not complicated, and can be used in industries ranging from entertainment to academia.

What makes the Cozmo SDK unique?

  • Flexibility — A thorough set of high- and low-level functions lets you tap into advanced features like face detection and path planning with very little effort. Need raw sensor data? That will be available, too. The SDK is as simple or as granular as you want it to be.

  • Connectivity — The SDK allows users to connect Cozmo to any number of third-party APIs like Twitter, Hue, and IFTTT. Want to tweet at Cozmo and have him turn down your smart lights? You can. The possibilities are endless.

  • Affordability — Hardware and software as sophisticated as Cozmo is typically very expensive. Not only does Cozmo provide a groundbreaking experience out of the box, the SDK lets you harness the very same hardware and software to create any experience you can think of — at no additional cost.

  • Powered by Python — Python is simple, clean, and widely used. (Ever notice there’s a Python library for just about everything?) It’s also great for beginners as well as advanced developers, and can scale to projects of all sizes. The SDK is open source and can be ported to any language, though, if you prefer.

Join our growing community of developers, researchers, and creatives.

Our SDK enables you to harness Cozmo’s advanced robotics hardware and software in a simple but powerful way. We invite you to employ the Cozmo SDK in your world to enlighten us with your research and insights, entertain us with your games and storytelling, and ease our daily endeavors with your utilities and tools.

By using the Cozmo SDK, you’ll take part in a watershed moment for consumer robotics and help shape its future one Cozmo at a time.

  • Ready to change the world? Click here to get started with the Cozmo SDK.

  • Already up and running? Head to the official forums and check out great projects from the community, get answers to your questions, and more.



Check out great projects from the community, get answers to your questions, and more in the official Cozmo SDK Forums.

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