Since its public release last October, the Cozmo SDK has lived under a “beta” label—but no longer. With this week’s update, we’re thrilled to announce that the SDK has reached 1.0 status. What this means is that we consider the SDK to be stable production code for use in your upcoming robotics / programming course, next short film, industrial / enterprise prototype, or anything else you find Cozmo useful for.

The new 3D visualizer included with the 1.0 update.

While many of you have already been using the SDK for such purposes over the last year, we tried out best to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ’t’ in this latest release with the aim of making it the most polished and useful yet. We hope the newly included 3D visualizer will be of particular value to many of you.

What’s Next

We’ll continue to take all of your feedback, bug reports, and feature requests in the SDK forums as we plan future releases, so please don’t be shy. And, as always, keep the thought-provoking, funny, and critical discussions coming.

1.0 makes Cozmo a happy robot.

Ultimately, the SDK is shaped by and exists for the community. Without all of you and your extraordinary work, it simply wouldn’t be making the impact across fields as diverse as entertainment, education, and enterprise that it is today. We can’t wait to see what all of you do next.

Posted by Kaiser

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  1. “Nyanbot” gif got an Omnibot giggling pretty hard over here. I owe somebody somethin!

    Helpful Harry mode:

    New SDK examples too -

    Can’t wait to dig into all this delicious new content. I figured Marks 3D visualizer would be snazzy, but that’s some next level shazbot. (WWMWD?)

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