Like the Python SDK, Code Lab gives you easy, direct access to Cozmo’s advanced robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). The primary difference is that rather than having to learn the ins and outs of a text-based programming language, e.g., its syntax, you can simply drag and drop blocks around an intuitive touch interface. It really is that simple.

To get started using Code Lab, all you’ll need is a Cozmo robot and compatible mobile device. Just make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of the free mobile app to ensure that you have all of Code Lab’s latest features. Though not necessary, we recommend using a tablet over a mobile phone if possible as the increased screen real estate lets you see more code blocks at once.

Below is a list of helpful information and resources to help you get started using Code Lab. We encourage you to use it in as many ways possible—after all, Code Lab’s versatility is one its best features.

A video overview of Code Lab’s Sandbox and Constructor Modes.

General Information

What is Code Lab?
Code Lab is a graphical programming interface for Cozmo based on Scratch Blocks, a collaboration between Google and the MIT Scratch Team.

What can I do with it?
There’s so much that can be done with Code Lab, from creating new mini-games and activities to using Cozmo as an expressive robot actor in original short films. Be sure to check out the various sample projects included in the app for ideas and inspiration.

Can Code Lab be used in STEM education?
Absolutely. Better yet, not only can Cozmo be used to teach STEM education, many educators have already found him to be an exceptional educational tool due to his innovative hardware, expressive animations, and charming personality—all of which can lead to higher engagement from students. But you don’t have to take our word for it:

Using Code Lab

What’s the difference between Sandbox Mode and Constructor Mode?
There are quite a few differences between the two modes, but one notable difference is that Sandbox Mode is primarily icon-based, while Constructor Mode uses blocks that utilize more sophisticated programming features including variables, functions, and math operators.

  • Tip: Are you or your students ready to take the next step from Sandbox Mode? Try recreating a Sandbox Mode project in Constructor Mode as an extra challenge.

Sandbox Mode (left) compared to Constructor Mode (right).

Is there anywhere to see a list of all the Constructor Mode blocks?
There is a full block glossary contained inside Code Lab. To access it, simply tap the book icon found in the top-left portion of the screen while inside a Code Lab project. Alternatively, you can view the glossary in the official Code Lab forum as well.

  • Tip: For those times you don’t have Cozmo with you, you can use the online block glossary in the forums to plan projects and lessons in advance.

What is a Remix?
When you modify an existing Code Lab project, it is called a Remix. Remixing a project is a great way to use existing code as a foundation for your own. You can customize a project to your liking, add entirely new features to it, or even use the project as a piece to a larger, more sophisticated one.

  • Tip: Try adjusting some of the values / blocks in the included sample programs and Featured Projects in the app, and make note of how it changes the experience. How might you make it even better?

Where can I discuss / get help for / show off my Code Lab projects?
The official Code Lab forum is the best place to connect with other users, as well as members of the Code Lab team. If you’ve made a project you’re particularly proud of, submit it to us to potentially have it featured in the official Cozmo app!

  • Tip: If you’re a parent or educator, share your lesson plans, ideas, or curricula with the rest of the Code Lab community to get valuable real-world feedback.

Additional Resources

  • Code Lab F.A.Q. — An in-depth list of frequently asked questions that is regularly updated.

  • Best Practices for Code Lab Projects — Want to have your Code Lab project featured in the Cozmo app? Here are some guidelines that will help make your project the best it can be.

  • Using the Cozmo SDK in Education — Code Lab, in conjunction with Python SDK, make Cozmo a flexible education platform that scales from K-12 all the way through postgraduate research and beyond.

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