With millions of members across the globe, the Girl Scouts is one the the most prominent leadership development organizations for girls. Last year the organization announced new STEM-focused elements to its program to build “girls’ skills and encourage their interest in STEM” with the aim of giving them the tools to tackle meaningful problems, build successful careers, and simply make the world a better place — goals relevant for any demographic.

We recently connected with the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles and participated in its STEM SHEroes event at Compton’s Kennedy Elementary School. The event was designed to inspire and motivate girls to pursue an interest STEM, and we were on site with Cozmo to demonstrate his robotics technologies and coding features, and illuminate how he can be used to develop a spectrum of STEM skills. The day concluded with attendees earning an official Girl Scouts STEM patch.

Joining the local Girl Scouts leaders and Cozmo in the day’s activities were two wonderful organizations: MAES: Latinos in Science and Engineering (California State University, Long Beach chapter), and the Society of Women Engineers (University of California, Los Angeles chapter). To find out more about the organizations, please visit the respective sites linked below.

We’d like to offer our sincere thanks to the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles for giving us the opportunity to participate in its inspiring event, and allowing Cozmo to take part in its members earning a Girl Scout STEM patch.

Cozmo showing off his official Girl Scouts STEM patch — and his love for the organization.

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  1. I like how they recreated the girl scouts logo on Coszmo’s display screen. :slight_smile:

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