Cozmo’s unprecedented combination of advanced robotics hardware and software are part of what make him an innovative consumer experience. But it’s also what makes him, in conjunction with our free Cozmo SDK, a groundbreaking development and education platform.

There’s simply never been a robotics platform with Cozmo’s unique vision capabilities and an exhaustive API that caters to novice programmers and veteran researchers alike, all at a cost that makes it accessible to the masses.

In addition, Cozmo’s compact size and durability make him perfect for classroom settings with limited desk real estate and withstanding the day-to-day interactions with students and educators, respectively.

Perhaps most importantly, the SDK offers access to hundreds of highly expressive animations that bring Cozmo to life. This aids in his ability to motivate and engage students—a fundamental aspect of effective education—and opens up the possibilities in creating captivating new labs, lessons, and curricula.

Students using Cozmo in Georgia Tech’s Robotics and Perception course. | Photo: Georgia Tech

Higher education institutions including Carnegie Mellon University and Georgia Tech are already using Cozmo and the SDK in official course curricula, with others across the age spectrum soon to follow.

Cozmo in Carnegie Mellon’s Cognitive Robotics course.

If you’re an educator, student, or researcher and want to find out how Cozmo can benefit your school or work, get in touch at

Posted by Kaiser